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"I Am Relaxed" Hoody Dress


Guess what's back, back again! Our Hoody Dress is in the house! 

To perform your best, there is a myth that you need to listen to “Jock Jams” and get all pumped full of adrenaline. In reality, your mind and body are at their best when you are relaxed. When I feel low grade stress flowing through my veins, I tell myself I am relaxed and the body soon follows the mind. 

This popular Hoody-Dress is back! Looks super cute on its own or over leggings or skinny jeans. Flattering on a range of body types as slouchy or form fitting. Wear our super-soft and American made "Superhero" costume and use it as a "cue" to remind you to relax and unwind while feeling snug and cozy.

This hoody dress is one size fits most (S-L'ish).