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Our Ideal Training Journal

Training journals are an important tool for runners. Tracking progress helps reveal patterns within training and racing that can allow you to understand what is and isn’t working. Recording goals and planning next steps also helps athletes to stay inspired and motivated.

We’ve created our ideal journal to help keep you accountable, set and achieve goals, make training more fun, and record all your efforts. It features a beautiful and unique design (check out the photos to the left!) and includes the secrets and tricks we have learned along the way.

This is more than just a journal—It is a fun, insightful and inspirational training tool. This journal is perfected by pro athletes—USA Champion Lauren Fleshman and Irish Olympian Ro McGettigan (that's us!). We have competed for over 35 years at the highest levels of sport: from youth track clubs up to the biggest stage in the world: The Olympic Games! Our biggest breakthroughs haven't come from physical preparation alone. They've come from approaching our running more holistically, improving the mind and spirit alongside the body. Learn more about who we are: read our bios.

Features & Benefits

  1. A Beautiful, clean design allows you to view a whole month's training at a glance, making it easy to find patterns and rhythms in your training and racing over time.
  • Each month features original illustrations of floral designs encrypted with “cues”.

  • Every page is hand-illustrated by Lo & Ro.
  • Reversible design! Flip it over to use it as a blank notebook, using the lined pages and blank pages for whatever you wish.

  • Included 2014 pull out calendar. The truth is this journal can be used ANY time of year, the calendar is just included for reference. 
  • Provide a framework to manage your running as an integrated piece of your life as a whole:
  • Inspiration to keep up your training diary by 12 women leaders in the sport.
  • "Bigger Picture" page allows you to chart important variables affecting your training & racing.
  • Evaluate and measure your progress: learn from your mistakes and plan your next steps
  • Lo & Ro’s goal setting worksheets with tips help you set, stick to, and accomplish your goals.
  • Lo & Ro's Map to BELIEVING in yourself & your dreams.  
  • Environmentally Friendly!
  • Made in the USA in the city of Pittsburgh, PA, with printers powered by alternative energy.
  • Printed with vegetable based inks on 100% recycled materials. Beautiful foil-stamped covers.
This special diary is truly a labor of love by two professional runners who want to bring their biggest discoveries in sport to women and girls everywhere.

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Designed by pro-runners, endorsed by pro-runners, and made for YOU!

We want to encourage you to use a training diary and we aren't alone! Inspiration to use your training diary is provided by 12 amazing current professionals in the sport from around the World who share a love of training diaries: Olympians, National Champions, NCAA champions, and CEO's.

Special thanks to the Sisters who shared their wisdom for this journal!  Find out more about each amazing contributor by following the links below:

Molly Huddle,Mary Cullen,Kim Smith,Stephanie Reilly,Malindi Elmore,Georgie Clarke,Mary Wittenberg,Amy Yoder Begley,Ann Gaffigan,Dottie Lessard,Lauren Fleshman,Roisin McGettigan



"We were simply smitten with the B.I.A. Training Journal. We review a lot of different workout products, but this one really stood out for doing more than just tracking facts and miles. It gives women a place to dream, feel and doodle. It gives them a place to not just reach their fitness goals -- but to feel proud about themselves inside and out!" – Fit Bottomed Girls™


“I’ve kept a running log for the last 11 years and the Believe I Am journal has been my favorite, it’s not just a space to log miles but a journal to map out the years plans, details and dreams while encouraging a positive mind-set along the way!”

Molly Huddle - (US Olympian & 5k record holder, Saucony athlete).


“My Believe I Am journal is one of my most cherished running gadgets. I’d pick it over my Garmin any day if I had to choose.”

Meggie Smith - (Medical student & blogger).


“My Believe I Am journal is so much more than a training journal for me. Not only has it helped me set and achieve my running dreams but it is also helping me open my heart up to other areas in my life that I want to improve on. I am so grateful for my journal and for the incredibly strong and inspiring sisters in sport who I have come to know and love through using it!”

Jessica Myer Hofheimer  - (fitness trainer).


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