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    You can be the lucky winner of a grand prize pack that includes up to 30 Believe Training Journals PLUS a visit from US Champ + Entrepreneur Lauren Fleshman and Olympian turned Sports-Psych Coach Ro McGettigan.


    1. Grab a photo of your XC team

    2. Post it up Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #WeBelieve 


        Copy + paste the message below:

    #WeBelieve our XC team must win Believe Journals + a visit from Pro's Lauren + Ro! Check out 


     Tweet: #WeBelieve our XC team must win Believe Journals + a visit from Pro's Lauren + Ro! Check out


    The Rulez:

    1. Everyone wins! We will respond to your post with a 20% discount coupon code for purchasing journals to use at, or

    2. Every post counts as an entry. So make sure your teammates post pics too!
      You've got from Aug 1st–31st 2015 to enter.

    3. The winning team will be announced on August, 31 2015 via social media from @believeiam @laurenfleshman and @velopress. The lucky winner will receive FREE Believe Training Journals (up to 30) for their team. In addition they'll get to spend a few hours IRL with US Champion Lauren Fleshman + Olympian turned Sports Psych Coach Ro McGettigan-Dumas. Lauren + Ro will fly to your school and hang out with your team and deliver fun and exciting workshops on all things running related! 

      1. Open to high school and college teams in the US 48 lower states only. Any questions or queries email .


      Give your team the boost it needs this XC season! 

      Journalling can help your running to sky rocket! The best pro’s runners, Olympians and national champions, keep track of their training the old skool paper + pen. Our journal will share insights from world class athletes and teach you how to set, stick to and actually accomplish your goals... like a PRO! 




      Your #SistersInSport,

      Lauren + Ro