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    It's time to say goodbye to poor performances and hello to peak performance.
    Beginner or pro, I’ll help you beat your obstacles.

    Are any of these in your way?

    • You’re in top physical shape, but unprepared mentally. You psyche yourself out and lose confidence before the competition begins.

    • You always start strong—but when things get tough—you lose focus and physical power. Everything starts to unravel from there.

    • You have a love-hate relationship with your sport. Right now, it's more hate.

    • You're injured—feeling low and disillusioned with your sport, losing hope of ever getting back to your best and now you're worried. 

    • You tick all the boxes: sleeping right, eating right, training right. But you haven’t tackled the sport psychology piece yet. You want to reach the next level and need a new way to break through.

    • Your sporting success has allowed you to reach a high level of achievement, now the mental pressure of maintaining that level is creating performance issues and stress.

    • You have become obsessed with outcomes and future goals and it's affecting your performance in major competitions.

      I Can Help. 

      Hello, I'm Ro McGettigan-Dumas (LMHC) and I've been in your shoes.

      I've raced as a junior, high-schooler, D-1 NCAA scholarship athlete, around the world as a pro-runner for New Balance and even in the Olympic & World Championship finals. I've also run through motherhood.

      I've failed miserably and I've won championship medals.

      Because of these experiences, I have gained unique insight into the stresses and strains athletes experience while on their individual journeys. I've dealt with first-hand, the gauntlet of obstacles that must be faced and it has been my life's work to understand these situations from a psychological and developmental perspective. I love sharing my knowledge and experience with athletes who are eager to improve and want to feel the satisfaction of peak performance when it counts. 

      Let's get your performing at your best AND enjoying the process.



      Which Are You?



      You’re done with collegiate athletics but aren’t ready to give up the dream. You might not have that big sponsorship deal or Olympic qualification—yet. To get on the pro circuit, compete for your country or hit that A-standard, you need to reach your full potential. You know there's more mental preparation necessary to compete with the best. You’re ready to tick that box, do the work and truly Turn Pro."In the lead-up to one of the most important races in my career, Ro helped me train my mind so that my race-day mental fortitude matched my physical fitness. With her expert guidance, I was able to hone the skills I needed to enhance my performance and reach my potential on the big stage. Ro is thoughtful, patient, a good listener, and invested in my success."

      Kaitlyn Gregg (Strava TC, US International Athlete & Olympic Trials Qualifier)


      You’re a student-athlete that’s used to handling a lot, but recently it’s has all gotten too much; the pressure from coaches, parents, teammates, teachers and outside friends is taking its toll. You’ve kept it together for a long time, but there are cracks starting to appear. You really want to succeed, but

      • You’re not performing as well as you "should" be in races.
      • The whole balancing act of sports, school and social life is leaving you stressed out.
      • Your body has changed so much in recent months and it’s negatively affecting your performances.
      • You feel like you’re about to have a panic attack before races.
      • You’re not sure if sport is something you want to pursue any more and you’re starting to question what the point of it all is.
      • You’re struggling with teammates and coaches, and they are dragging you down.
      • Your parents are heaping a ton of pressure on you and you don’t even want to compete anymore.
      • You’re injured and you fear your chances are slipping away.

      "Ro has helped me transform into a more confident athlete, her strategies on how to deal with negative thoughts in races and how to calm the nerves have helped me immensely"

      Matt (Rhode Island state champion & record holder) 


      You love the Believe Training Journal Series. You've read them all cover to cover and used them diligently for the past couple of years. BUT, you’d love to ask some questions specific to your situation. I’ll be your performance and running related guru. You can literally ask me anything. Let’s hop on a call and troubleshoot your struggles for 30 or 60 mins (I talk fast!!). Believe Training Journal Series users get $20 discount on any session!

      "Ro has helped me get back into running again and the confidence to enter my first 10k!" 

      Jen (Mother of 3) 

      Types of Sessions:

      QUICK CHAT (30 min.)

      • Have one burning question related to your training and performance?
      • Worried about your super athlete son/daughter and wondering if a sports psychology coach can help?
      • Need a burst of motivation?
      • Need help with goal setting, planning your races/competitions, reviewing races/competitions, etc?
      • Believe Training Journal Series users get $20 discount!

      DIVE RIGHT IN (70 min. Power Hour)

      We have an hour+ to power through and troubleshoot what's been dragging you down or where you can find some room to grow. No commitment required. Be ready to rumble! 

      • Believe Training Journal Series users get $20 discount!

      POWER PACK (3 Sessions)

      In 3 sessions I will get your head in the game before your big event or help you get back that loving feeling for your sport, which has been missing lately. You're ready to commit to this program and tick the mental preparation box. 

      • Session 1: (90 min. Deep Dive)  I will really get to know you and your situation. You will have homework :). 
      • Session 2: (60 min.)  In this power hour we will dig deep, expose the weeds, and make a plan of action for your mental preparation. The mind is a muscle that needs exercise too. I'll give you that training plan. 
      • Session 3: (60 min.)  In this power hour we will review your training and/or competitions and address whatever issues that need attention. 
      • Believe Training Journal Series users get $20 discount!




      I also work with individual athletes and teams to develop holistic mental training plans to suit their performance needs. Let's set up a time to talk and learn more about your team's needs. 

      • Peak Performance Training
      • Pre-Competition Mental Skills Sharpening
      • Relaxation and Visualization Techniques
      • Dealing With Injuries, Setbacks, Coaches and Transitions
      • Dare to Believe: An age-appropriate goal-setting workshop 
      • Sisters In Sport™:  A workshop developed specifically for female athletes ages 12+.
      • Race Ready: A comprehensive workshop that teaches mental skills training and the art of distilling the lessons from every competition. Everyone can be as mentally prepared as the pros.
      • Successful Student athlete: Balancing the S’s—Sport, School, Social life and more.