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    Welcome to the first study of pregnancy with a truly elite female athlete population—regardless of sport.

    As a result of many conversations with fellow mother runner elite athletes we realized there is a dearth of information for elite athletes during pregnancy, which has to be one of the most important times of their lives and athletic careers. So Believe I Am partnered with the University of Ottawa to undertake a first of it's kind study.

    About the Study

    This project seeks to understand elite female distance runners and physical activity in pregnancy. The main research goals are to:

    1. Gain a better understanding of levels of physical activity before/during/after pregnancy among elite female distance runners  
    2. Determine how elite female distance runners relate to gestational physical activity and weight gain guidelines  
    3. Gain a clearer understanding of where elite female distance runners receive their advice on physical activity and weight gain during pregnancy and how they perceived these recommendations/advice 

    We focused the study on the questions that elite runners want answered. We believe the data being collected will be extremely helpful to current and future moms in our sport. This study is a chance for elite-mothers athletes everywhere to become a collective group banding together to share their experiences as elite athletes and motherhood.

    We are super excited to say we have completed our research phase and are now in the analysis phase—with multiple papers are in the process of being published. 

    Read the first paper here.



    You must have been pregnant and given birth within
    the past 5 years and achieved the following standards:

    1,500m: 4:29.42
    3,000m steeplechase: 10:48.89
    5,000m: 16:38.13
    10,000m: 35:06.22
    half-marathon: 1:12:59
    marathon: 2:46:00

    If you have any further questions please feel free to contact the researchers:


    Audrey R. Giles, Ph.D
    Associate Professor                                          
    School of Human Kinetics                                
    University of Ottawa                                           
    1 613 562-5800 ext. 2988                                

    Francine Darroch, MEd, MPH, PhD (Cand.)   
    School of Human Kinetics
    University of Ottawa
    1 613 203-2002 

    Keep up to date on findings from this study and sharing informations on this subject by connecting with a community of mother-athletes on our private Facebook page: