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    Believe I Am no longer ships training journals
    from our website.

    Please place all journal orders on Amazon here.


    Believe Training Journal - Boston Blue

    About the Believe Training Journals

    Created by Lo and Ro, elite professional runners Lauren Fleshman (“Lo”) and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas (“Ro”), their Believe journal is much more than a workout log. It’s a personal diary + workbook that will help keep you honest and motivated for running, while improving your mind and spirit alongside your body.

    As a fun and insightful training diary, the Believe journal has a beautiful, clean design that will help you record your workouts to reveal patterns in your running. You’ll quickly learn what works best for you as you work toward goals and achieve your biggest breakthroughs.

    Includes uniquely insightful essays and information on the following topics (that you won't find on google or on your smart watch):

    Goal Setting / Training / Nutrition / Body Image / Psychology / Competition Mindset / Set-Backs / Recovery and much more. 

    9 Benefits Of Using The Believe Training Journal  

    • Increased motivation 
    • Inspiration to set, stick to + achieve your goals 
    • Learn secrets from pro runners 
    • Access to the latest and greatest research on training + psychology 
    • Increase self-awareness so you learn what works, for YOU 
    • Learn how to win the mental game once & for all 
    • Process your experiences + harness the lessons from all your effort 
    • Learn to LOVE your body, and be grateful for what it does for you 
    • Review your races and learn from them like a PRO! 



    “Amazing quotes and great info!” — Paula Radcliffe (marathon world record holder, 3-time London Marathon winner, marathon world champion) 

    “2015 dreaming starts now. Thanks for the inspiration to keep moving forward!” — Linsey Corbin (professional triathlete with 24 podium finishes at Ironman and Ironman 70.3 races)

    “I’ve kept a running log for the last 11 years and the Believe I Am Training Journal has been my favorite. It’s not just a space to log miles but a journal to map out the year’s plans, details, and dreams while encouraging a positive mind-set along the way!” — Molly Huddle (U.S. Olympian and 5K record holder)

    “While everybody is oohing and aahing over Apple’s newest release, we’re salivating over the new Believe Training Journal. Written and illustrated by the witty, insightful, and talented Ro McGettigan and Lauren Fleshman, this journal helps you beautifully document your workouts, as well as your goals, your setbacks, your achievements, your life.” —

    “Give your runner the training secrets of Olympians. Designed by pro runners Lauren Fleshman and Ro McGettigan, the Believe I Am Training Journal encourages runners to think holistically about their training. The inspiring visual cues, tips, goal-setting worksheets and ‘bigger picture’ pages make this a training log like no other.” —