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    Our mission is to champion the physical, mental, social and emotional benefits of running.

    We do this via the Believe Training Journal SeriesSports Psychology Coaching, and conducting research on pregnancy for elite athletes.

    The Story

    The idea for Believe I Am was sparked on a run, when two professional runners and #sistersinsport Roisin McGettigan-Dumas + Lauren Fleshman, yearned to share their hard fought lessons and useful tools they amassed over the years, and find a way to share them with the wider running community. 

    Ro had the idea to create a training journal! It was the one thing, besides her running shoes, that she couldn’t live without as an athlete. She had began the practice of logging her training as a teenager, and it coincided with the time she took ownership of her running and her performances. The practice of journaling stayed with her as she moved to the USA for college, competed in the NCAA system, internationally as a pro, and finally in the Olympics and World Championships. She also tracked her training through her pregnancies and still does in her retirement from professional racing.

    All of the apps, GPS watches, fitness trackers etc, just couldn’t replace the ritual of banking her training by writing it down with pen and paper. Her journals have become her own personal history. 


    Physically writing down your training is shown to: 

    1) Give you a little boost of motivation . 

    2) Help you reflect and understand the purpose of your sessions (eg. speed work, recovery run, tempo effort, race day :)  

    3) Help you to make sense of training; how far you’ve come, where you want to go, and how the journey is integrating with the rest of your life! 


    Roisin “Ro” McGettigan-Dumas (LMHC), is a sports psychology coach, licensed mental health counselor and Olympian from Wicklow, Ireland (now based in Providence, RI). She competed at Providence College and then professionally with the "RunProvidence" group under the tutelage of Ray Treacy. Ro is an Olympic finalist ('08) and is the Irish record holder in the steeplechase as well as a European Medallist in the 1500m.

    Her two passions are track+field and psychology and since retiring from professional running, she is focusing on helping athletes achieve their goals in sport and life. Ro knows first hand the powerful effect of mental preparation for performance, overcoming disappointments, and life beyond sport. She’s the co-author of the Believe Training Journal series (Velopress), is piloting a goal-setting workshop for athletes to use in schools called "Dare to Believe” and is involved in a designing and implementing a research study on elite athletes and pregnancy.

    Please let me know if you’ve any further questions or queries!

    Your sister-in-sport,