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    Below is a fun quiz from the Believe Training Journal that can help you determine what kind of runner you are.

    We've categorized two personality types based on genetic and social factors — Worriers or Warriors.

    Do you act from the head, or the heart? Do you fixate on the details or go with the flow? Do you take risks or stay well clear of them?  



    Both Worrier and Warriors can be super successful athletes.

    The purpose of this quiz is to increase your self-awareness and to learn what you need to succeed. Truthfully, many of us are probably "in-betweeners" and lean slightly towards one group or another. Forcing yourself to be someone you're not, will make you miserable and will most likely cause you to fall short of your goals. A lack of awareness about your blind-spots, could hinder progress, so warriors and worriers alike do best by adopting a few traits from each other from time to time. 

    We asked some of the very best athletes in the world to take the quiz. As you can see, there's definitely a great mix of Worries and Warriors excelling in sport! For example, World Record holder Paula Radcliffe and US record holder Molly Huddle are both Worriers, whereas Olympic Medallists Sonia O'Sullivan and Deena Kastor are both Warriors. You don't have to be a super serious athlete to take the quiz, but you  might want to pretend you are while answering the questions. 



    Want more information on how to be the best Warrior or Worrier you can be?

    There's lots of tips and helpful advice about this top inside the Believe Training journal

    Please share this quiz with your runner-friends! We will compile the data for some pseudo-research on the runner-population and find out if runners are mostly Warriors or Worriers! Tweet out your result or tell them to check out There's plenty more fun insightful exercises found in the Believe Training Journal. Get yours today! 

    Roisin McGettigan-Dumas, is an Olympian, sports psychology consultant and co-author of Believe Training Journal (VeloPress), available now.