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    Got a goal? Big race coming up? Never ran a 5k before? Looking to get fitter, happier, more productive? Need to get out from the kids, the hubs, the job? 

    Wherever you're at, we've got your back. Running outside in beautiful places is our cure-all, and we can help it be yours! 

    Run with Ro is an affordable seasonal running group based in the East Side of Providence RI. In this busy day and age we find that running is the best bang for your buck when it's time to exercise. Time spent in nature, a boost of feel good hormones, mental clarity and creativity—we could go on and on about the benefits of running, but did you know that research shows running in a group gives you an EXTRA boost?

    So if you're looking to liven up your basic Boulevard run, why not try one of our sessions? We mix up the paces and places we run, and we keep it fun! 

    Beginners to serious-runners, we are ready to support and encourage you in your athletic (or other) aspirations. Our coaches have decades of experience and can help you breakthrough and enjoy your running more than ever.

    NEW in 2017

    This year we decided to up our game and add to our weekly Wednesday workouts on Blackstone Blvd (read all about those here). We've now added a Monday session, which we're calling Mindful Monday–it'll be the perfect way to ease into a new week and the perfect compliment to Wednesday's up-tempo high energy session. We will be meeting on Monday mornings at the BOTTOM of the Blackstone Blvd. and will explore the trails and enjoying some yoga at the rivers edge while the sun rises. Hope to see you there! 


    N E W  Mindful Mondays 

    What: Mindfulness meditation, yoga, trail running. Get your mojo going for the best start to the week possible. You won't want to miss this.

    Who: For beginner to intermediate levels. 

    When: Mondays @ 7am (starting May 1, 2017. Drop-in anytime)

    Where: Meet at bottom of the Boulevard/Irving Ave.


    Workout Wednesdays

    What: Running form technique training, interval sessions and core . Power through hump day with the best workout in town! We're not afraid to have some fun.

    Who: For beginner to intermediate levels. 

    When: Wednesdays @ 7am (starting May 3, 2017. Drop-in anytime)

    Where: Meet at Lippitt Park Fountain @ 7AM




    Benefits of Run with Ro 

    If you're still curious as to why on earth someone would get out of bed to exercise, I've present a few of the million reasons (backed by science) below:

    Exercising in the morning:

    • BoostS your metabolism
    • Improves mental + physical energy
    • Feel like a rockstar for getting up early and getting it done!
    • More

    Exercising in Nature:

    • "Bathing” in the woods lowers blood pressure + cortisol
    • Awakens the senses
    • Improves coordination
    • Increases peacefulness and calmness
    • More


    Exercising with a group:

    • Boosts motivation
    • Accountability
    • Camaraderie- makes it fun
    • Who doesn’t need the above? More


    Doing yoga in the morning

    • Sets your intention for the week
    • Salute the rising sun :) 
    • Increases Mental clarity
    • Boosts metabolism
    • 17 more reason here


    Doing yoga outdoors:

    • Strengthen your meditation practice
    • Improve balance
    • Disconnect from electronics and reconnect with nature
    • More


    Benefits of Interval Workouts

    • Improves fitness
    • Improves endurance
    • Improves technique
    • More



    "I couldn't live without my weekly run with the ladies. With two toddlers at home it isn't always easy to make time for what I know I need for myself. Meeting with the group makes me run harder, go faster and think bigger about my goals- and it's paid off in more ways than I can count physically, emotionally, and psychologically."

    Rosaleen, Phd + Mom of 2 


    "Ro helped me discover my passion for running and it's transformative effects. I caught the running bug in a big way and in less than 3 years I completed a marathon!"

    Kate, Graphic Designer 

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    Meet the Coaches


    Ro (Roisin) McGettigan-Dumas is an Irish Olympian, author of the Believe Training Journal series, a sports psychology and research geek and consultant, program creator, coach,  board member of The Lady Project and mother of 2 girls. She believes in the transformative power of running and exercise.  

    Mylene Galinta is a Philly native, sub 3 hour marathoner, life long athlete, yogini + zumba master, a special needs teacher by day and a rockstar artist + chef by night.

    Email us your questions: