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    A special who confides in you and shares in both your joy and your heartbreak all while training with you. This friend chides you when you are grumpy and encourages you when you are scared. They share your joy when you succeed.

    A running buddy who hides you in the bushes when you take a mid-run pee.

    Someone who gets you and inspires you and makes you smile on a cold and rainy run. 

    A fellow athlete who unbeknowst to them pushes you to dream bigger and pulls you to your new personal best. A woman who makes you feel less weird and lonely as you push your mind and body to it's limits running laps on a track. 

    Someone who you might never meet in person, whose inspirational twitter feed and blog posts dare you to test your limits. And you know, if you did ever meet, that a 8 mile run together would be on the cards and pass in seconds. 



    Without my Sisters in Sport there's no way I'd get out the door for a 5:30am run!

    My Sisters in Sport bring the joy into my runs - I look forward to running with them every Wednesday!



    Sisters-in-Sport / Noun


    Believe I Am

    What would life be like without our #SistersInSport? 

    Read more about our #SistersInSport in this BLOG

    Share your pictures of your #sistersinsport with us on Twitter @BelieveIAm and Instagram @SistersInSport and we will add them to our wall!