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    Our company philosophy at Believe I Am is guided by these three core principles: Look Good, Feel Good & Do Good. Our products are designed to look great; help you think better & feel better about yourself;  and ultimately enable you to do good things, overcome obstacles, set personal bests, achieve goals, be kinder to yourself and make the world a better place!

    Below are a list of the efforts we make in our business to to make us a socially and environmentally responsible company:



    Recycled and Recyclable Materials

    We use recycled paper in our journals, our "I Am" butterfly pendant necklace is made with recycled silver and our packaging is made from recycled material.

    Green Printing

    We sourced printers in the USA that are B-Corporated, use alternative energy sources and use sustainability harvested paper and wood.

    Charitable Giving

    In our first year we donated 15% of profits from our journals to Girls on the Run in Boston. 

    Community Outreach

    Both Lo and Ro are active members of local running groups. Believe I Am has created a network of women runners bloggers #SistersInSport with the intention of encouraging women to set goals and believe in themselves.
    Ro is lucky to live in Providence, RI and have an awesome network of young women entrepreneurs who have her back with the PVD Lady Project! Ro leads a weekly running group for the ladies and has also presented a goal-setting workshop for them.

    Made in the USA

    All of our stationary and jewelry creations are made in the USA. Our apparel is screen printed in the USA on clothing that is either made in the USA or produced by companies that have proven to be socially responsible manufacturers.



    Organic Material

    Our shirts are sourced from sustainable clothing companies, and most are made using organic cotton and/or sustainable fabrics.