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    BIA Blog — strong

    Superwoman Giveaway!

    'Tis the Superwoman season (Mother's day is May 12th).We want to giveaway our "Strong" shirt and necklace to some very special Superwomen. Know any Superheroes that should be on a pedastal? I bet you do! We all know those special women in our life, the true super heros. They do the self-less, thankless work, they are ones that raise energy of our environments with their campassionate work. We know their struggles, their fortitude, their courage to overcome, their generosity, their selflessness, their genius, and their strength. Many times our sisters (biological & non-biological) provide us with the strength to keep our heads up when times are rough. Here is your chance to give them that "Shout Out" and nominate them in the comments section under this blog where they'll be entered in a draw to win our Super Pack! 

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