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    BIA Blog — worrier

    My American Record – by Molly Huddle

    The guest blog below was written by Olympian Finalist, US 5K Champion and Record Holder, Molly Huddle in the wake of breaking the US 5K record (again!) at the Diamond League meet in Monaco this July.

    Following Molly's blog, make sure to read Ro's sport psych breakdown of Molly's record breaking performance. READ MORE

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    Race-Brave / Molly Huddle

    Olympic finalist, US champion, Molly Huddle admits she's a "grade A weenie" on a daily basis. How does this self proclained "worrier" peform like a bada** warrior when she's on the track, becomming the fastest American of all-time, making the Olympic final, and winning the US Championships? Molly writes and shares her tips on how to best prepare for your next race and become "Race Brave", no matter where you fall on the worrier to warrior spectrum. read more

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