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    BIA Blog

    The Practice of Belief

    Are we at the mercy of our thoughts, or do we have control over them? How much can we effect our deeply held beliefs about what we are capable of? How can we make the most of our thoughts?

    Ro and Lo are very familiar with the transformative effects of thoughts to create beliefs and convictions about ourselves. These beliefs determine what we attempt to accomplish in life, and whether we go into a task with fear or empowerment. read more

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    Clothing as Costume

    Put a kid in a superhero costume and what do you get?

    A lot of zooming around the room; sound effects of tazers and spider-web shooters; wild-eyed proclamations of saving the world…

    Put a little girl in a Princess outfit and what do you get? read more

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    Mantras Are Cool!

    A mantra, by definition, is a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation. Our “I Am” statements are examplesof mantras or affirmations that can keep you focused, “on task,”and present.  Athletes across the globe in many sports use “power words” that resonate with them in order to anchor their mind and focus when anxiety or negative thoughts start to creep in. read more


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