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    BIA Blog

    Why You Should Keep A Journal & Special Team Discount!

    The whole reason we started Believe I Am was to share the secrets and techniques that we use as pro athletes with other female athletes so we could all maximize our awesomeness. The most fundamental tool to do this is to keep a training journal, and we worked out butts off to make the best one out there. We believe it in our bones that running teams, in particular, would see improvements in confidence and performance by using our training journal. read more

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    Turn On The Light

    Help! I’m having negative thoughts!

    Well then it is time to do some gardening (of the mind). It is time to find those weeds (negative thoughts), identify them, pull them and get them out of your beautiful garden. Have you ever known a garden that doesn’t have weeds? Its only those gardens that have a hard working gardener, one who daily monitors and fertilizes her garden who can keep the weeds at bay. read more

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    Relax! It's Important.

    You see, before every single performance event, no matter how good you are, seeds of doubt and fear will blow into the garden of your mind. When you are in a relaxed state, you can see these weeds for what they are, (ridiculous lies trying to get in the way of your awesomeness). Relaxation allows you to bring a steady hand over to these weeds, and remove them gently. read more

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    Here & Now

    Tick, tick, tick…

    The baby is down for a nap. This one usually lasts 30 minutes and it has taken me 10 minutes to get laundry on, dinner organized and settled in this rocking chair with my tunes playing at just the right volume (Ray La Montagne Pandora station). Here, now, present. This blog. read more

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    Reunion @ BIA HQ!

    For a year now, we’ve been working our butts off from opposite ends of the country. I’ve been hanging in Track Town in Eugene, Oregon, and Ro has been covering the East Coast from her Providence, Rhode Island apartment. As a special treat for NYC Marathon recovery, we planned a reunion at the Believe I Am Headquarters.  read more

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