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    BIA Blog

    Race-Brave / Molly Huddle

    Olympic finalist, US champion, Molly Huddle admits she's a "grade A weenie" on a daily basis. How does this self proclained "worrier" peform like a bada** warrior when she's on the track, becomming the fastest American of all-time, making the Olympic final, and winning the US Championships? Molly writes and shares her tips on how to best prepare for your next race and become "Race Brave", no matter where you fall on the worrier to warrior spectrum. read more

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    Do You ALWAYS Have To Look On The Bright Side?


    Dr.Samantha O'Connell is here to introduce you to the benefits of pessimistic thinking!  Although here at Believe I Am we promote "mindfulness" and try our best to inspire you to think better about yourself, we also know there is a lot to be learned from our negative thoughts, and that being forced to "think positive" in ALL situations is NOT always beneficial for ALL people especially when it comes to performance in sports or "high stress" events.

    We've all  heard of optimism and pessimism, but what do you know about about defensive pessimism? Even a typically optimistic person can become a defensive pessimist in preparation for performance! read more

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    Ro Takes the Helm at Believe I Am

     I wanted to update all you awesome people on the latest news. My "official" role with Believe I Am has come to an end, and my partner in crime, Ro, is taking over the whole shebang. I am graduating to the position of #1 fan and eternal #sisterinsport, which will make a lot of sense when you read the details.

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    Yoga for Runners—The Yin for the Yang

    This is as much a self-motivation blog as anything else. The yogi-runner is alive and well in our society and more people are harnessing the benefits of this beautiful combination. Yet, sometimes we (I) need to be reminded of the reasons why we should keep up this healthy habit in order to get on the mat! Once I finish documenting the evidence of the benefits of yoga, I’ll get back into practicing. If I had sense I would. read more

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    Why a girl should run for her life

    After 20 years of participation in the sport of running, I achieved my dream of competing in the Olympic Games. I can still remember where it all began, as a young girl growing up in Ireland and how much I loved to run. I wasn’t always the fastest in my class, but I was usually near the front of the pack. My talent for running didn’t come in the form of some supernatural ability, it came from my passion-driven commitment, dedication, and my openness to learning and self-improvement. Sport has given me so much more than an Olympic experience. read more


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