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    Real Life of Lo & Ro — believe

    Reunion @ BIA HQ!


    For a year now, we’ve been working our butts off from opposite ends of the country. I’ve been hanging in Track Town in Eugene, Oregon, and Ro has been covering the East Coast from her Providence, Rhode Island apartment. As a special treat for NY Marathon recovery, we planned a reunion at the Believe I Am Headquarters (Ro’s apartment) for some artistic flow and to hang out with Ro’s new baby Hope!

    When Jesse and I rolled into town last night with triathlete Pat Tarpy, Ro and Myles had a delicious, Irish Shephard’s Pie filling the apartment with its heavenly smell. American Record Holder Molly Huddle rounded out the party crew as the wine and conversation flowed and celebrating commenced! I couldn’t get enough hugs and it felt so good to see the apartment and the new baby that only previously existed for me on Skype!

    This morning has been filled with joy and laughs and love and when we realized it was 11/11/11 we had to do something fun. We decided we would autograph all the training journals purchased today since its so rare we are in the same place and put a little surprise in the first 11 orders!


    So go for it! Put your order in for our beautiful journal and discover the magic of Belief that Ro and I love sharing with our sisters in sport.