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    BIA Blog

    How to Raise an Olympian

    We talk a lot about daring to dream and goal setting and all that great stuff around here. I, for one, am always encouraging everyone I meet to keep improving, keep raising their game and keep aspiring towards their goals in sport and life. Awesome. But one of the major elements of the quest to be your best, and one that that doesn’t get as much focus or enough attention, are the people that will help you turn your dreams into reality. I like to call these people the Dream-Makers, and they come in the form of parents, coaches, spouses, teammates, governing bodies, and sponsors. However, you don’t need every single one of the aforementioned on your side -- even one dream-maker can make all the difference in your quest to reach your best. MORE

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    Providence Runs Boston #BelieveInBoston

    Amy Hastings-Cragg - US Olympian, 2h27m03s marathon PR, is ready to battle it out with the leaders in her debut Boston Marathon.  The Brooks athlete is also coached by Ray Treacy and is well prepared for this years event.  #RunHappy Amy and Watch out Boston! That's Amy in the photos all smiles after a seriously hardcore session on the East Bay Bike Path. The girl is ready to run with the best of them. @HastyHastings  .. READ MORE



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    Elite Runner Pregnancy Study


    I am thrilled to announce a research study I've been involved with that is studying pregnancy in elite female distance runners. I've been involved as both a researcher and participant in collaboration with a team from the University of Ottawa. 

    Our main objective is to find out what types of training elite female runners engaged in before, during and after pregnancy.

    Our online survey can be found at the link below and we would greatly appreciate it if 1)any readers who qualify would take the survey or 2) pass it on to anyone they know who may meet our inclusion criteria or 3) Tweet out the link to the study! 

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